* Fields is red are required

3. Do you want a named corporation or a numbered company?

5. Would you like to incorporate in Ontario only or have a federal incorporation (if you plan to carry on business outside of Ontario, you may want to consider a federal incorporation).

6. What is your corporation’s main business?

7. Are there any restrictions to the type of business your corporation will carry on?

8. What is the address of the head office for your new corporation? (It can be your home address if you don’t have your own office).

9. Would you like both voting and non-voting shares?

Do you want more than two classes of shares?

Common Shares - shareholders have equal rights to vote and receive dividends.

Preferred Shares – shareholders have the right to receive dividends before holders of any other class of shares, or which have cumulative dividend rights, or rights to be redeemed by the corporation.

Would you like the corporation to have the ability to issue unlimited common shares and preferred shares?

If no, please specify the limit of each share class:

10. Please provide the name for each proposed shareholder, along with the type and number of shares to be issued for each. You may add as many shareholders are required, click (+/-) buttons.

11. Would you like any restrictions on the ability to transfer shares?

If yes, please indicate the restrictions here.

12. Every Corporation requires at least one director.
The directors on the board is to act as “watchdog” over the officers and to protect the shareholders’ interest. At least one director must be named when incorporating the business.
Please provide the name(s) of the directors of your corporation along with the address for each.

If same as Shareholder #1 select this box.

You may add as many directors as required, click (+/-) buttons.

13. Every Corporation requires that there be a President and a Secretary. Other officer positions are optional (eg. Vice-President, Treasurer, General Manager, etc.). Please provide the name and address for the person who will be President. If there is only one officer of the corporation, this person will be both President and Secretary.

If same as Shareholder #1 select this box.

14. Would like to appoint any other officers to the corporation? Please enter the Name and Officer's Title.
You may add as many officers as required, click (+/-) buttons.

15. Please provide your address and phone number as an officer of the new corporation.

16. Please provide the name and address of your accountant, if you have one.

17. Please provide the name and address of your bank.