Going through a legal separation and divorce is emotionally draining, daunting and complicated.  Some of the issues foremost in the minds of those considering taking this step are will I get support and if so, how much; how much will child support be; and what am I entitled to in terms of division of assets. 

The answers to these questions are never staightforward, as each case is different.  The law gives us guidelines, and the rest is up to negotiation between the parties, and when an agreement cannot be reached, evidence is presented to the court and an order is issued.  Sometimes, compromise on some issues may be advised, as going to court results in thousands of dollars in legal fees, and conceding on one or two points makes more financial sense.  Although difficult, you must leave the emotions aside and look at the situation as a business transaction.  At the end of the day, going to court should be a last resort.

The following is a great article that explains a little more about how the division of property works in Ontario.


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